Where does a knitter have high tea?


                           Downton Abbey Days at Yorkshire Yarns                            was held on May 1st & 2nd.


      We always plan for success but the success of the 3pm high tea went WAY beyond our wildest expectations.

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                   For that, we are extremely grateful.                                          We hope to have more events similar to this one in the future.


The massive turn-out told us our clientele really enjoy each other’s company along with great deals, fun games and valuable prizes.


              Finally, thank you to all those who helped put this event together. We couldn’t have had a beautiful tea without Shirley’s detailed planning and vision. Her wait staff included Melissa A., Katie F. & Judy G.


                            The event was memorialized in pictures                           with the tremendous talent of Toni  A.


        Valerie R. ran a tight ship. Laurie C. kept the entries moving smoothly. Judy G. was our game master. Congratulations to all the door & grand prize winners.

Next on the docket is the Mariner’s Stitch N Pitch Tuesday, July 28th.